bunheads s1 finale 2 'Bunheads' Season 2: Is it even necessary?Regardless of what happened during the first season of “Bunheads” (or what didn’t happen — namely, much by the way of plot), “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino certainly knows how to write a heck of an ending.

The final scene of the “Bunheads” finale, which saw Michelle bumble small-town politics yet again (this time she somehow tragically — and hilariously — sprayed the entire teenage dance company with mace), featured our heroine walking out of a hospital while her young dancers re-created the end of “Dead Poets Society” and their outraged parents grumbled for her firing.

But as she walked away, Michelle pointed out that even in that movie (which most of those girls probably haven’t seen, come on) the teacher had to leave. ABC Family announced last week that it’s picked up more episodes of the show, but where do we go from here? How can Michelle possibly earn the forgiveness of her students’ parents so it would be even remotely feasible that they’d let her near their kids again?

The nice part, which we saw in a sweet callback to the premiere when she and Fanny took shots together in a moment of bonding, is that she truly has earned her mother-in-law’s respect.

The story was wrapped up pretty nicely, really — maybe as a hedge against the show not returning. But has it now danced itself into a corner? What would you like to see when the show returns early next year?

Posted by:Jean Bentley