burn notice made man 'Burn Notice' gets all mobbed upWhile trying to track a mysterious figure Jesse insists on calling “Cobra,” the “Burn Notice” team comes upon a problem at the port: Security guards are getting squeezed by the mob, who have been stealing from shipments. Jesse drags the team in on it, and Plan A calls for Michael to go undercover as a traitorous Fed who wants to clue Tony the mob boss in on a fictitious investigation.

When that doesn’t work, Sam comes up with Plan B to bait Tony into taking part in a heist himself by making him think he’s marked unless he can bring in a big score. Jesse puts Sam in a position where he has to sell the idea using one of his old war stories about leaving no man behind … which backfires when the plan calls for Tony to leave Sam behind so Sam can get busted by the cops. Nothing for it but Plan C, then, which is to make Tony think he’s got the full resources and firepower of Chuck Finley behind him as he confronts his boss. And then Chuck — that is, Sam — leaves him hanging.

As for Cobra, all we learn about him is that he owns a cargo plane that he likes to fly to the Bahamas and drop people out of. And someone learns that it was Michael who burned Jesse. It’s not Jesse, but it’s almost as bad.

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