burn notice jeffrey donovan 'Burn Notice' series finale: Jeffrey Donovan, Bruce Campbell talk big death

“Burn Notice” is only two episodes away from its series finale. “Reckoning,” the final episode of Season 7, will air on Sept. 12 — and feature the death of a major character.

Fortunately stars Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell have a winning formula to help fans get through the big loss. “Don’t eat Chinese food before the episode,” Donovan advises during a conference call interview. Campbell adds, “There’s nothing that can prepare [fans].”

Creator Matt Nix says that the final two episodes of Season 7 are “about choices and sacrifices.” He’s glad that the show gets to go out on its own terms, and says he’s really happy with the journey that’s been crafted for Michael Westen.

“Once we had a sense that this was going to be the last season, we were able to do a new kind of storytelling and a kind of storytelling that I’m really proud of,” he says.

As the fact that there’s a death in episode 13 makes clear, “Burn Notice” isn’t going to end on an entirely happy note. Donovan thinks that’s something the show’s viewers should have been expected that from the get-go.

“Though we’ve been humorous throughout the years, there’s always been an underbelly of seriousness and tragedy, and I don’t think we could properly end the series with a bow tie and smiles on everyone’s faces,” he says. “I think the audience knows there has to be some sort of tragedy to show how important their journey was over the years.”

This season, fans have had a chance to see what Donovan describes as “the core of Michael.” He says simply, “You can take Michael out of Miami and out of the CIA, but I don’t think you can ever take the hero out of Michael.” Because of that, Donovan teases that he doesn’t think Michael will ever walk away from a situation where he could save someone, though he does think the character could easily walk away from his government job.

“What we find is — I’m not trying to be funny — but it’s a frightened little boy,” Donovan says of the “core of Michael.” “I’m not sure if I even knew that when I started the pilot with Matt, but with anything, a seven year marriage with Matt and the writers, it was a discovery that was really just an incredible joy to do and a lot harder, I think, to pull it off in the end. It certainly tested my abilities.”

Though the series is ending in a little over a week, “Burn Notice” still could live on in some capacity. Campbell and Nix continue to tease a possible spinoff, though they stress nothing is set in stone.

Leading up the “Burn Notice” finale, USA is holding a marathon of the show starting at 6 a.m. PT on Sept. 12. It will include three episodes from Season 6 and then every episode from Season 7, concluding with episode 13, “Reckoning.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz