burn notice finale reckoning 'Burn Notice' series finale: Script page reveals Michael and Madeline conversation

With “Burn Notice’s” finale only days away, USA is rolling out all the stops to promote the last episode of the hit show. The latest piece of information released to tease fans is a redacted page of “Reckoning’s” script that shows (most of) a conversation between Michael and Madeline.

The script page, which was posted on the “Burn Notice” Facebook, begins with Michael telling his mother, “The CIA found out what I was doing.” She asks him, “So what are you going to do?” Unsurprisingly, Michael’s answer is redacted.

The conversation then turns to the subject of Charlie, who is sleeping on the bed during the scene. Much of the context for their chat about Charlie’s birthday is lost because so much of it is redacted, but the fact that the conversation ends with Madeline smiling hopefully bodes well.

Episode 13 of “Burn Notice’s” Season 7 will feature the death of one major character. When Zap2it recently spoke with series reactor Matt Nix and stars Jeffrey Donovan and Bruce Campbell, Donovan said fans should have expected the tone of “Reckoning’s” ending from the get-go.

“Though we’ve been humorous throughout the years, there’s always been an underbelly of seriousness and tragedy, and I don’t think we could properly end the series with a bow tie and smiles on everyone’s faces,” he says. “I think the audience knows there has to be some sort of tragedy to show how important their journey was over the years.”

Leading up the “Burn Notice” finale, USA is holding a marathon of the show starting at 6 a.m. PT on Sept. 12. It will include three episodes from Season 6 and then every episode from Season 7, concluding with episode 13, “Reckoning.”

Check out the script page here: 

burn notice finale reckoning script 'Burn Notice' series finale: Script page reveals Michael and Madeline conversation

Posted by:Terri Schwartz