Although “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” may seem silly enough to be parodies at times, we always know that they mean to be serious. That is not the case with “Burning Love,” a web series that turns the whole thing into a joke.

Now, you can watch the first two episodes of the newest joke, “Burning Love” Season 2, right here.

If you haven’t seen Season 1 of this web series, you might want to do that — episodes are airing on E!. It isn’t, however, necessary to enjoy the second season. Season 2 focuses on Julie Grisselwhite (June Diane Raphael), a single girl who failed to win the heart of Mark Orlando (Ken Marino) in Season 1. This time, she’s the one looking for a husband. And there are a whole bunch of eligible men trying to win her hand.

Who are these men? Just like on “The Bachelorette” the men come in every type. Julie will have to choose between a single dad, a player, a party boy and a prince. Yes, a prince (more or less).

And since all of these types are characters — played by the likes of Adam Scott, Colin Hanks, Adam Brody, Michael Cera, Martin Starr, Jerry O’Connell and more — they are rather amusing.

In the first two episodes of “Burning Love,” Julie gets to meet her potential husbands and share her first cocktails with the boys.

Special bonus: Paul Rudd talking about being a sex addict!

The first fight and the first eliminations (in more ways than one) are available in episode 2, by the way.

Posted by:Laurel Brown