george w bush nude self portraits hacked Bush family gets hacked: George W. Bush's nude self portraits revealed

The Bush family is the latest batch of celebrities to be the target of a hacker, and a bunch of their personal e-mails, photographs and security codes have been posted online. A hacker going by the name of “Guccifer” has compromised the e-mail account of Dorothy Bush Koch, the daughter of George H.W. Bush, as well as some people close to the Bushs.

The Smoking Gun has the details on the hacked information, which includes e-mails sent between 2009 and 2012. Among them is one titled “Report on Dad” that has information on the senior Bush’s recent hospitalization.

The subsequent e-mails reveal just how close the Bushs thought their father was to death. One e-mail from Barack Obama to H.W. Bush reads, “Michelle and I haven’t wanted to impinge on you while you are recuperating, but please know that we are thinking of you and the entire family.”

In addition to the e-mails and family photos posted, the best parts of the information revealed are George W. Bush‘s self-portraits. He e-mailed his sister images he painted that show him, nude, showering and in a bathtub. Another photograph shows him painting St. Ann’s Episcopal Church in Maine. Who knew he was such an artist?

As for Guccifer, the hacker is not worried about “The feds” coming after him. He says that they began investigating him a “long time ago,” and that he has since hacked “hundreds of accounts.” “i have an old game with the f**king bastards inside, this is just another chapter in the game,” he tells The Smoking Gun.

george w bush painting Bush family gets hacked: George W. Bush's nude self portraits revealed

Posted by:Terri Schwartz