caleb johnson first single only one testify album Listen to 'American Idol' 13 winner Caleb Johnson's first single, 'Only One'“American Idol” Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson’s debut album is set to hit stores on August 9 — making it the fastest post-“Idol” release ever — and the rocker has just released his first single, “Only One.”

Johnson co-wrote “Only One,” the lead single from “Testify,” and it sounds more like something you’d hear on contemporary rock radio than the ’80s rock and roll he would sing on “Idol.”

Listen to the tune below. What do you think of Johnson’s new sound? And was that bit of Autotune at the beginning as jarring for you as it was for someone who  heard him deliver near-perfect vocals in “Idol’s” live audience every week?

Posted by:Jean Bentley