newt callista gingrich Callista Gingrich joins Twitter, turns on Mitt RomneyWell, this should be fun.

Callista Gingrich has hovered in the background as her husband, Newt Gingrich, pursues the American presidency. Some have speculated that because Callista is Newt’s third wife — and was, before that, his mistress — she’s hovered in the background, making effort not to call attention to herself.

Well, no more! Callista has been a rather quiet presence on Twitter for a while now, but it’s only recently that she’s taken to stirring up some controversy with her tweets. Or, to be more specific – her retweets.

For those of you who are not particularly Twitter-savvy, a “retweet” is the term for what is, essentially, a forwarded tweet. When you retweet someone’s comments, you amplify them to your own followers and, in most cases, imply that you agree with them.

Recently, Callista (or Cally, as she calls herself on Twitter) has retweeted two odd attacks on Newt’s opponent, Mitt Romney. One Tweet is Romney’s “money never sleeps” photo, of himself many (many!) years ago, alongside pals, with money spilling from their pockets. “It won’t play well in Ohio,” says the Tweeter.

The other Romney attack she sent to her followers read, “Poor Romney. He just is a
sound bite candidate. Chris Wallace pulled the string from his back, and
he spewed consultant apprvd policy #tcot”

“Spewed” isn’t exactly the friendliest term.

What do you think of Callista’s new involvement with the campaign against Romney?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie