Just another day on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show:” You come to talk about your innocent “Annie” remake, and you end up recalling that one time you had to shake the hands of a bunch of naked men.

That’s what happened to Cameron Diaz when she and her “Annie” costar Jamie Foxx stopped by “Ellen.” For Diaz’s role in 1999’s “Any Given Sunday,” which Foxx also costarred in, she had to walk into the football team’s locker room and shake their hands while they were “holding themselves, as Diaz so bashfully says. Hearing her set the scene 15 years later is simply hilarious, even if she can’t seem to properly pronounce the word “naked.”

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In the above clip, the new “Daddy” Warbucks helps his co-star explain how the whole scene went down.  “You were a trooper, too, because you had to walk in the locker room with like …” says Foxx.

He passed the metaphorical “naked” football to Diaz, but she once again couldn’t seem to get the word out. “There was all like … well …” Diaz hedges to DeGeneres, before Foxx finally blurts out: ” Naked men.”

The best part of the clip is when Diaz — who can’t believe how young they look in the picture DeGeneres shows during the episode — jokingly (maybe not so jokingly?) admits that, by the time she got to the end of the line of the scantily-clad men, she made good use of some hand sanitizer. (Good call, Diaz. Good call.)

“Annie” opens in theaters on Dec. 19. You can watch Diaz and Foxx discuss the film in the below clip.

Posted by:Casey Rackham