Cameron Douglas: Michael Douglas heads to court to support his son's appeal

Despite Cameron Douglas‘ troubled life and lengthy prison sentence, he’s still got his dad’s support. Michael Douglas showed up at a Second Circuit Court of Appeals to try to help his son cut down the additional four-and-a-half years of jail time he has on top of his original five year prison sentence.

“There’s not much to say — it’s on appeal,” Douglas told reporters when he left the courthouse, The New York Daily News reports. When asked if he was hoping for the best, he replied, “Clearly.”

This isn’t the first time Douglas has appeared in court for Cameron. He did so twice in 2010 — once when he was needed to sign a bail package and another when his son was sentenced for the first time. Initially Cameron was sentenced to 10 years in prison for conspiring to distribute four-and-a-half kilos of meth and 20 kilos of cocaine over a three-year time period. An additional four-and-a-half years was added to his sentence when he was caught smuggling drugs into prison in 2011. It’s that punishment that Cameron’s lawyer Paul Shectman is calling too harsh, claiming it’s more severe a sentence than any other prisoner has gotten for having drugs in prison.

“Cameron Douglas’ conduct throughout the course of this case … showed nothing but an utter disrespect for the law,” prosecutor Justin Anderson countered.

The appeal panel is currently determining whether Cameron has a case.

“While we recognize that many of the words that the district court used to describe Cameron’s conduct — ‘reckless,’ ‘manipulative,’ ‘destructive,’ — were apt, the simple truth is that Cameron Douglas is a heroin addict who has yet to shake his habit,” Shectman wrote in his brief.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz