cameron douglas appeal Cameron Douglas: Michael Douglas' son appeals prison sentence after beating

After recently being beaten up in prison for being labeled a “rat,” Cameron Douglas is doing his best to get out of his jail time. The son of Michael Douglas filed papers to an appeals court to try to lower his nine-and-a-half year prison sentence.

Prosecutors and a lawyer for Douglas have “retold in greater detail than before how a man who seemed to have so many advantages in life could land in prison for a decade on a drug conviction,” the Associated Press reports. This appeal is against Judge Richard M. Berman‘s decision to double Douglas’ five year prison sentence after he convinced an attorney to smuggle drugs to him in her bra. It’s worth noting that his original sentence was supposed to be for 10 years, but the judge on the case ended up cutting the time in half.

Douglas’ lawyer Paul Shectman writes in his brief that the second sentence is “shockingly long” and adds that it “may be the harshest sentence ever imposed on a federal prisoner for a drug possession offense.” He says that Douglas is just an addict who can’t be blamed for something that he can’t control.

“While we recognize that many of the words that the district court used to describe Cameron’s conduct — ‘reckless,’ ‘manipulative,’ ‘destructive,’ — were apt, the simple truth is that Cameron Douglas is a heroin addict who has yet to shake his habit,” he writes.

As of now, Douglas isn’t set to be released from prison until 2018.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz