camille grammer ellen Camille Grammer on 'Ellen': Kelsey made me do 'Real Housewives'“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'” Camille Grammer is set to appear on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday, Jan. 7, where she talks about possibly returning for a second season, reveals intimate details about her divorce from Kelsey Grammer and explains why she decided to appear on the reality show in the first place. Spoiler Alert: She says, “Kelsey wanted me to do it.”]]>The reality star also opens up about the couple’s divorce, even revealing how she found out Kelsey wanted a divorce. “I found out he wanted out of the relationship during the shooting,” she explains. “A mutual friend called me and said, ‘I don’t like what he’s doing to you and I don’t like the timing because you’re still in the middle of shooting a reality show.’ And then I called him that night and texted him. No answer from him. I waited for three hours and then he called me and said, “I don’t want to be married anymore.” Now, we know there are two sides to every story, but if this is how it really went down…. Ouch.  

While rumors have been circulating that she will not be returning for the show’s second season, Camille says she hasn’t decided yet, but if she does return, it would be to combat what is being said about her in the press. “They’re saying awful things about me and it’s very hurtful. If I would do it, it would be to try to change my image. To try to change it around and have people see the other side of me that you don’t see on TV.”
Finally, Camille talks about her relationship with co-star and friend, Kyle Richards. “I love Kyle, we do get along. We are friends. Believe it or not. But at times, you know, our personalities just clash,” she tells Ellen. “I mean, off the camera, we tend to get along but I’m not going to say it’s just for the show because there are real things that are happening in our lives.”