camille grammer playboy ew Camille Grammer's Playboy pics resurface after 'Dinner Party from Hell'Here’s a tip: if you want to keep your Playboy spread and soft-core pornography past buried, don’t sign up to do a Bravo reality show. As we’ve learned time and time again, Real Housewives’ secrets never stay buried.

Tonight’s “Dinner Party from Hell,” an additional episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” sent people flocking online once again to seek out Camille Grammer‘s pre-Kelsey Playboy pics. Well, Google and ye shall receive, we suppose.

Grammer does have one person in her corner, kind of. Lisa Vanderpump tells PopEater, “toward the end of the season, I think you also saw what she went
through. I think for a woman to be publicly humiliated like that, when
you’ve got cameras in your house and filming your life, it was extremely
difficult for her.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie