Himym_290 Every TV show has to make decisions. Sometimes they are small (for instance, they know Marcia Cross looks great in green) and sometimes they are big (let’s kill off Edie). As we approach the end of the season, here as some of the big questions I’m thinking about.

Can “How I Met Your Mother” introduce us to the Mother? Even though it’s the title of the show, I think this central conceit doesn’t really matter much any more. Once we figured out it wasn’t anyone in the opening credits, the stakes involved in the reveal weren’t nearly as high. I think we’re all pretty sure the mother is not Stella (remember the flash forward that showed the kids with blond hair). But maybe it’s someone we’ve met before (Victoria?), maybe it’s not. My guess is that Stella will introduce Ted to his future wife. I loved last week’s episode because it focused on how random events can lead to big changes in your life.  I would like to see the show see that notion through. “HIMYM” is as funny as ever and has a few other story lines brewing (namely Barney and Robin) so I say go ahead and show us the mother. Then we would actually get the chance to see their relationship develop. 

Can “Lost” get any more confusing? After this week’s episode I sure hope not. I’ve been with the show all season. I think it’s been an amazing season but this week it seemed like every five minutes I had to pause the show to sort out in my own head what was going on, what year we were in, and what the characters knew at the time. The idea that future Locke told Richard to help past Locke is a little mind blowing. Is everything that happened in the present because they had already gone back in the past to effect their present? My head hurts.  Plus lately I’ve been feeling that the show has been sacrificing character consistency for the sake of plot. It didn’t really make sense to me that James/Jim/Sawyer/Lefleur (or whatever you want to call him) would so willingly leave everyone behind. Maybe he would say good riddance to Jack. But Hurley, Jin and Kate too? That didn’t quite jell with me. But then I’m still waiting for Kate, Jack, etc. to be angrier that those left behind aren’t more grateful that they came back for them.

Can “American Idol” rebound from this season? Yes I know the show is still popular. But I’ll tell you what  this season really didn’t work for me. Kara went from being a sage advisor to an overly emphatic cheerleader. Four judges is too many. And everything that has always bothered me about the show (the ridiculous banter between Paula and Simon, the even more ridiculous banter between Simon and Ryan) has actually become more annoying. Maybe this season’s contestants are the most talented but I also kind of think they are the most boring too. I say go back to getting to the final 12 the old way. I think we missed out on a lot of good contestants this year. Do you think I’m right?

Can “Desperate Housewives” repair the damage they did to their characters this season?  Heavy sigh. Gabby is back to her old ways. Like I’ve said before, what was the point of jumping ahead five years if the writers were going to put her right back where she started? We rarely see her as a mom and when we do she’s doing silly things like stealing make up from someone in the bathroom. The show had a real chance to mature Gabby and they missed their opportunity. And I don’t even know what to say about Lynette and Tom. The series seems to keep pushing them towards the extremes of their personalities. Lynette becomes more shrill and Tom is having one long midlife crisis. Plus it would be good to see their four kids once and awhile too. Since the whole Gail O’Grady story line, they’ve been pretty absent.

Can “Parks and Recreation” come out from under the shadow of “The Office?” The show was picked up for a second season this week and there are moments where I really think there could be a hilarious show here. I keep reminding myself that “The Office” wasn’t great it’s first season either. And I like some of the changes the show is making to distinguish itself. Andy isn’t a total jerk. And Mark is becoming a more fully formed character. I think they should lose the April character and do as much as they can with Tom. Aziz Ansari has fantastic comic timing. And, of course, so does Amy Poehler. So next season could be when “Parks and Recreation” comes into its own. We could have two mockumentaries on TV if they are both funny. What do you think?

What do think about the above? What do you think are some of the big questions facing your favorite series? Talk about it below.

Quotes of the Week

“You brought a meth lab to the airport?” Walt to Jesse on “Breaking Bad.” Thanks to Rob for the quote.

“I am about to throw a bachelor party that’s gonna slap all other bachelor parties in the face with its private parts.” Sock on “Reaper.” Thanks to Barry for the quote.

“I will personally rip off your heads and tinkle down your necks!” Kiki to Casey and Frannie on “Greek.” Thanks to Rebecca for the quote.

“This is a pie chart describing my favorite bars… and this is a bar graph describing my favorite pies!” Marshall on “How I Met Your Mother.” Thanks to Tom for the quote.

“Did you really think you could just walk into the Dollhouse when everyone knows it doesn’t exist?” Adelle to Paul on “Dollhouse.”

“You know what the real tragedy is? I miss those Walker family meltdowns.” Robert to Kevin on “Brothers & Sisters.”

“I have to see this through. Please I can help.” Jack to Renee insisting that he continue to save the day on “24.”

“You smell like a father figure.” J.D. finally getting to hug Dr. Cox on the season (series?) finale of “Scrubs.” I thought the finale was poignant and a classy way to go out, how about you? And you caught executive producer Bill Lawrence as the janitor at the end, right?

“His name is Richard Alpert. He’s kind of an advisor. And he has had that job for a very, very long time.” Ben to Sun on “Lost.”

Exchanges of the Week

“Why the sudden need to shadow a real detective?” Sorenson to Castle on “Castle.”

“Well the ones on TV seem oddly fixated on their sunglasses.” Castle’s response and a not too subtle dig at “Castle’s” time slot competition “CSI: Miami.” Thanks to Don who was the first to submit the most popular exchange of the week.


“You want to kiss me, don’t you?” Cuddy to House on “House.”

“I always want to kiss you.” House’s response. Just curious, how do we feel about their hook up?


“I’m starting to think John Locke is going to be trouble.” Richard to Ben on “Lost.”

“Why do you think I tried to kill him?” Ben’s response.

That’s all for today. This column went up a day early because I’m heading out on vacation. I’ll be back next Friday, May 15 to process all that’s happening on TV like the season finales of “Dollhouse,” “Lost,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Office” and much more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at amytvgal@zap2it.com. Have a great week. Talk to you next Friday, May 15.

Posted by:Amy Amatangelo