nicole richie candidly nicole how to be friends with hens 'Candidly Nicole' 'How to Be Friends With Hens': Best MomentsEach week of “Candidly Nicole” we fall more and more in love with Nicole Richie. Honestly, It’s hard not to love a woman who is not afraid to be herself and let her freak flag fly.

 In episode 3, “How to Be Friends With Hens,” Nicole struggles with becoming part of the inner circle with the other moms at school. Does this sound familiar? Maybe it’s because Tori Spelling found herself in a similar predicament in “True Tori.”

To get invited to a harvest themed charity event, Nicole decides to pretend she is a regular old farmer in the dell and lies about having her own farm. Easier said than done, of course, and chaos ensues. Here are some of our favorite scenes from episode 3 — it’s hard not to want to be best friends with a woman this funny.

nicole richie candidly nicole super organic 'Candidly Nicole' 'How to Be Friends With Hens': Best MomentsWhen Nicole finds out she has been left out of yet another mommy event, she decides to prove to the mean girls they have no clue who they were dealing with. Cue Nicole pretending to be the most organic woman on earth and lots of lols.

nicole richie candidly nicole kelly oxford chickens 'Candidly Nicole' 'How to Be Friends With Hens': Best MomentsWhat’s the first step in proving to the ladies Nicole is one with the soil — starting a farm, of course. When Nicole brings her friend Kelly Oxford to shop for chickens on a gay farm, Kelly doesn’t understand Nicole’s motivations for going through all the trouble.

candidly nicole nicole richie identifies with chickens 'Candidly Nicole' 'How to Be Friends With Hens': Best MomentsThe best part of the gay chicken shopping, was when Nicole found her poultry soulmate — a chicken who was small and being bullied by all the rest.

candidly nicole nicole richie sofia chickens 'Candidly Nicole' 'How to Be Friends With Hens': Best MomentsNicole confesses to sister Sofia, she may have bitten off more than she could chew with the chickens. Yet when Sofia suggests just throwing in the towel and buying some eggs, Nicole sticks to her guns.

candidly nicole nicole richie eggs octomom 'Candidly Nicole' 'How to Be Friends With Hens': Best MomentsOn the big mommy event day, Nicole scores major street credibility when she thinks of a creative response on the fly when asked how in the world her chickens could produce so many eggs when it’s only physically possible to lay one a day.

nicole richie candidly nicole chicken dance 'Candidly Nicole' 'How to Be Friends With Hens': Best MomentsUltimately Nicole owns up to the other mommies and confesses the whole farm goddess persona is a sham. When she admits she did it so the ladies would start including her more, they are surprised. As it turns out, they assumed Nicole didn’t like them. After all of that hard work, Nicole has a hard time penciling the future mommy activities into her busy schedule — so book club will just have to wait.

“Candidly Nicole” airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins