eva longoria rosario dawson cannes wardrobe malfunction gi Cannes 2013 wardrobe malfunction roundup: Eva Longoria to Rosario Dawson

The 2013 Cannes Festival will be remembered for a couple reasons. For one, Ryan Gosling’s new movie was booed. That’s not something most people expect when it comes to Ryan. However, there were also a few notable wardrobe malfunctions and a bit of fashion weirdness happening at the event.
Starting out with the most tame, Julianne Moore had some serious toe troubles as she walked the red carpet for “The Great Gatsby.” Who knows exactly what is going on, but it looks terrifying.
Then there was Rosario Dawson. A wardrobe malfunction, sure, but one that narrowly missed being a disaster. Luckily for Rosario, she was smart enough to ear underwear with her gown, saving herself from becoming the stuff of internet lore.
Eva Longoria didn’t have that same luck. When walking the red carpet for “Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian),” the actress pulled up her dress so she didn’t trip on the stairs. Of course, in doing so she inadvertently flashed her nether regions to photographers. Unlike Dawson, there was no underwear in the equation for Longoria.
Then there’s the woman who didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction, yet still managed to show off more than most. Irina Shayk is her name, and she’s a Russian model. The dress she wore caught many eyes, mostly because it seems there was more nothing than fabric in this particular fashion choice. A very low-plunging neckline, combined with some serious cutouts and a sheer bottom helped Shayk display quite a bit of skin.
Just for kicks, there was one more curious fashion choice, this time by a guy. There was a man wandering around Cannes dressed as Korean rapper Psy. He fooled several people into thinking he was the genuine article, including “Skyfall” star Naomie Harris.
Cannes runs through May 26, so who knows what else could happen? What celebrity will next fall to the dreaded wardrobe malfunction?
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