car hits cnn headquarters atlanta gi Car crashes into CNN headquarters in Atlanta

A car crashed into CNN headquarters in Atlanta early on Friday (June 13) morning. While no one was injured in the crash, it seems that the driver of the car may have been high on marijuana at the time.

That may, in fact, be the only explanation that works.

The car managed to avoid barricade polls, large stone planters, lampposts, metal barriers and a narrow sidewalk, only to crash into the CNN Center entrance. Not even the police have a full explanation about how a car made it that far. “While I don’t have additional info at the moment I feel it is safe to say that the car was on the road at some point and then left it,” the police said in a statement to CNN.

News of the odd crash was broken by CNN’s own Twitter account:

Gerlmy Javon Todd was apparently the driver of the Mercedes coupe that hit the building around 4:15 a.m. local time. Police noticed a smell of marijuana and Todd reportedly admitted to smoking.

Posted by:Laurel Brown