carla gugino gi Carla Gugino, from 'Sucker Punch' to 'By Virtue Fall'; Miss Marple not a done deal for Jennifer GarnerCarla Gugino, who can currently be seen on screen in Zac Snyder’s “Sucker Punch,” will reportedly join the cast of “By Virtue Fall,” a movie centered on two ATF agents who end up enemies after one frames the other for a crime. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gugino joins a cast that already includes James Spader, Ryan Phillippe, Treat Williams and Eric Bana as one of the film’s lead characters. [THR]

Agatha Christie fanatics (not that we know any) may be getting a reprieve if news that the British company that owns rights to the Miss Marple franchise hasn’t signed off on a deal for Jennifer Garner to star in a new movie as a younger, hipper, more “Alias”-y Jane Marple turn out to be credible. On Tuesday, news broke that Garner had been tapped to play Marple, but a Marple who instead of being an elderly spinster with a talent for sleuthing, is a 30-something version of the character with questionable resemblance to Christie’s original. Deadline is reporting, however, that Chorion — the company that owns the rights to the Marple franchise — has not yet agreed to the deal and that the concept has been met with “general scorn” in Britain. [Deadline]

It’s official. John Travolta will play John Gotti Jr. in the upcoming biopic “Gotti: Three Generations.” According to Variety, the movie will tell the tale of Gotti Jr., who swore off a life of crime in a bid to redeem himself. Nick Cassevetes will direct the movie, but so far no other casting decisions have been announced. [Variety]

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