cars2 500 'Cars 2' revs up box office with $68 million opening weekendDisney-Pixar’s “Cars 2” is clearly running on high-octane fuel. The animated 3D production — a sequel to 2006’s “Cars” — made $68 million on its opening weekend. According to the Wrap, that’s $8 million more than even the rosiest projections.

Cameron Diaz’s R-rated “Bad Teacher,” too earned high marks from movie-goers, grossing just over $31 million in weekend ticket sales — also more than its expected $25 million gross.

Super-sad superhero “Green Lantern” continues to flicker out — the big budget Ryan Reynolds vehicle brought in just $18.4 million for the weekend. And with a big July 4th weekend blockbuster — “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” — set to open we’re just not seeing a quick turnaround for Reynolds and co.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson