For episode 100 of “Castle,” the show is paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock and the cinematic brilliance of “Rear Window.” What exactly will we see in “The Lives of Others”? We asked series creator Andrew Marlowe and star Nathan Fillion for a few hints.

The 100th episode deals with what happens when Castle is not allowed to work a case. Stuck in his loft with a broken leg, Castle is miserable and bored after Beckett (Stana Katic) leaves him to investigate the death of an IRS agent. But then, Castle thinks he sees the murder of a young woman in the apartment across the street.

Was there a death? Is Castle even safe investigating?

Marlowe previewed what sort of episode we can expect to see. “We wanted to do something that put the lens front and center on the Beckett-Castle relationship and the Beckett-Castle dynamic,” he said. “You know, something that could have played first season — or any of the other seasons. We wanted something that had the universal spark and magic of that. “

We probably should not expect a direct reboot of the “Rear Window” story, however. For one thing, the actors didn’t have to go watch the Hitchcock film to prepare. “It’s been years since I saw ‘Rear Window,'” Fillion admitted. “I saw it in… 1996.” According to Marlowe, this was entirely intentional: “Whenever you do an homage like this, I think it’s very important to figure out a way to interpret it through your characters so you’re actually adding something, you’re not just doing a nod,” he said.

Even though no one wanted to give away too much about the episode’s details, everyone at “Castle” was very excited that they at least made it to 100. “Doing your 100th episode says something about the success of the stories you’re telling,” Fillion said. “Obviously people are watching. Obviously, people want to continue to watch.

Andrew Marlow put it in even simpler terms: “I think there are some TV gods looking over us.”

The “Castle” 100th episode, “The Lives of Others,” airs on Monday, April 1 at 10pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown