castle scared to death horror movie beckett nathan fillion stana katic abc 'Castle': How many horror movie tropes were in 'Scared to Death'?

Do you like scary movies? How about scary episodes of “Castle” focusing on horror-movie tropes like “Scared to Death”? If the answer is yes, then the episode airing on Monday (March 18) was definitely the one for you. Filled from beginning to end with spine-tingling moments straight out of the supernatural realm, “Scared to Death” was good, scary fun.

But how many horror-movie tropes did “Castle” manage to cram into a single episode?

  • A haunted DVD: I have never watched “The Ring” (neither the Japanese nor the American version). The creepy images and the promise of death? That is exactly why.
  • Useless calls to the police: The first murder victim called 911. It didn’t do any good. It never does…
  • Power outages: When the lights go out, you know you’re done for.
  • Deaths at midnight: All the best scary murders happen at midnight.
  • The creepy inn: Sure, it was the off-season. But that inn looked like it was stuck in an off-decade.
  • An insane asylum: The lunatic wasn’t exactly Hannibal Lecter, but any inmate spewing nonsense from a glass-walled room counts as scary.
  • Disappearing bodies: It’s not good for dead bodies to go missing. It’s worse when they’re dead bodies of serial killers.
  • Poor cell reception: Beckett couldn’t hear Ryan give her vital information. That would have been too easy.
  • Fog: There was a heck of a lot of fog around the cabin.
  • The cabin in the woods: Remote, creepy and full of stuffed and mounted animals — why not just ask for evil spirits and death?
  • The heroes split up: NEVER SPLIT UP!!! Don’t they know anything?
  • “That’s not the whole story”: It never is.
  • Wes Craven: Seriously, the guy is pretty much a trope unto himself. He has been involved with that many horror films.

Did we miss any?

Posted by:Laurel Brown