castle reality star struck gail o grady interview abc 'Castle' interview: Gail O'Grady talks about going full 'Housewives' in 'Reality Star Struck'

We have all known for a long time that there isn’t too much “reality” in reality television. Thus, it makes sense that a fictional, scripted show like “Castle” could easily incorporate a fake reality program into its stories. When one of the stars of “The Wives of Wall Street” is murdered in the “Reality Star Struck” episode, every wife is a suspect.

Gail O’Grady (“NYPD Blue,” “American Dreams,” “Desperate Housewives”) is guest-starring on the show as one of the catty and possibly murderous women of the show. We spoke to her recently about the role.

Who will you be playing?

Gail O’Grady: First of all, it was a blast playing it. 

I play Margot, who is a makeup mogul. She started a makeup company after the Wall Street crash, after the husband lost everything. So the wife stepped forward. She’s smart and conniving and kind of gets the deal of how she’s supposed to be on this show.

Did Margot kill her co-star?

Gail O’Grady: They’re all suspects after the murder.

Why did you decide to take the role?

Gail O’Grady: I actually took the role sight-unseen without seeing a script. I spoke to the producer, and he described the role to me and also I had worked with the director a couple times before… I was in. I’m also a fan of the show — I love Stana and Nathan.

Do you watch any of the “Real Housewives” kinds of shows yourself?

Gail O’Grady: I know they’re very popular but I don’t. I’ve never been pulled in by them. I have friends that love the shows, but I’m more of a “Downton Abbey,” “Dexter,” “[Desperate] Housewives” fan. The only reality show that I do tune in for is “Shark Tank.”

Would you consider trying to be a reality star someday?

Gail O’Grady: No, because I think my life would probably bore them to tears. Nobody wants to see somebody going to bed at 8:30, 9 o’clock.

“Reality Star Struck” airs on Monday, Feb. 11 at 10pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown