nathan fillion castle season 3 abc 'Castle' premiere: Nathan Fillion says Castle suspects Beckett lied, has secrets of his own

We got a tease of where Season 4 will take “Castle” from star Stana Katic — but now that we can talk candidly about how Beckett survived her Season 3 shooting, remembers Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) declaration of love and is still in danger, where do things go from here?

Zap2it spoke with Fillion about the season premiere, and he tells us his character is committed to keeping Beckett away from the investigation into her mother’s murder. This is doubly unfortunate, because it’s something she needs to take care of before opening herself up to a relationship with him.

Maybe that’s why the premiere, “Rise,” included a three-month time jump in which a recovering Beckett never called Castle once.

“Life beats Castle up, but he recovers so quickly,” says Fillion. “But I think he’s a forgiving man, and I think fences are mended easily with him. She does eventually come to him, and he expresses some dissatisfaction, but then he gets back on board.”

Not that an apology was all he needed to get back into the 12th Precinct. Montgomery’s replacement, Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald), is not a fan of either Castle or Beckett. The season premiere offers a taste of their head-butting, but both stars tell us that the conflict will get worse before its resolved.

“Here’s a guy who is very comfortable around women and rides on his charm constantly,” says Fillion. “This is not a woman who will be charmed. This is not a woman who will be flirted with. You can’t be coy with her. She will not be won over, and I think that’s something that really bothers Castle.”

nathan fillion castle season 3 abc group 'Castle' premiere: Nathan Fillion says Castle suspects Beckett lied, has secrets of his ownCastle actually faces more resistance to his involvement with the NYPD than ever before, with not just the by-the-book captain to contend with, but his increasingly skeptical mother (Susan Sullivan) and daughter (Molly Quinn).

“He’s not going to stop what he’s doing, but they do have a valid opinion as far as how his actions affect them,” he says. “He’s making some pretty dangerous choices investigating the murder of Beckett’s mother. It’s putting him in with some very dangerous bedfellows… They’re going to be affected by his choices.”

This leaves few people for him to confide in, but secrets seem to be a running theme for Season 4.

“He certainly suspects something,” Fillion says of Beckett pretending that she doesn’t remember what Castle said to her after the shooting. “But at the same time, he’s lying to her as well. He knows that if she is to continue with the investigation of her mother’s murder, her life will be in danger. So he’s trying to steer that away from that without telling her.”

Stay tuned for more with Fillion about the secretive Season 4 and what to expect from upcoming guest star Kristin Lehman (“The Killing”)…

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