castle reality star struck recap beckett stana katic abc 'Castle' recap: When reality beats out dreams of 'Firefly'

Well that was a bit of a letdown.

I don’t mean the “Castle” episode, “Reality Star Struck,” though. It was a good, solid episode — one of those light-hearted and funny ones we always need in between the super-dark entries. The letdown comes solely from a complete and utter lack of “Firefly” awesomeness in an episode of television that featured both Nathan Fillion and Gina Torres.

Oh well. I guess, as always, reality television trumps great sci-fi fare.

At least it was a fun reality show

If you’re going to fake a reality show, it’s best to make it full of backstabbing, lying and other bad behaviors that the audience seems to want so desperately. This one even had murder!

The reality show was also an excellent opportunity for Torres to show off her acting skills as Penelope Foster — the fashion designer whose husband, Bob, was sleeping with the murder victim. Penelope’s catty but practical behavior was a far cry from Torres’ other notable roles on “Firefly” and “Suits.”

Oh, and Bob wasn’t sleeping with the victim. That was just a ploy to get more screen-time. Penelope and Bob did, however, kidnap and tie-up the poor woman for a day before their producer came to save her.

Only he didn’t save her, because the murdered young lady was actually having an affair with the son of one of the stars. When that young man’s fiancee found out, murder simply had to follow. After all, the affair would have ruined chances for a spin-off!

Also, Valentine’s Day

Believe it or not, love was in the air in this scandal-filled episode. Even if that love was full of mishaps.

While Lanie (Tamala Jones) and Esposito (Jon Huertas) planned for a little rekindling rendezvous, Ryan (Seamus Dever) had his hands (et cetera) full with a wife ready to get pregnant.

And of course this was Castle and Beckett’s (Stana Katic) first Valentine’s Day together. Castle figured he had his paramour beat with his ninja-like gift-buying skills and stealthy hiding of the (rather impressive) earrings in Beckett’s blazer pocket.

It wasn’t Beckett’s blazer though — it belonged instead to Captain Gates. Even if the Captain and Castle did share a fondness for reality drama, she didn’t want to be the man’s Valentine.
Castle lost out on the Valentine’s war even more thoroughly when Beckett shared her gift him — an empty drawer. His **own empty drawer at her place. Awww…

Funny things they said

“We need the unexpected!” — Monroe
“Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Monroe. The police are calling for you. There’s been a murder.” — Assistant

“You seen it?” — Esposito
“Just long enough to make me want to kill myself.” — Castle

“I feel like a rooster in a hen house, except that there’s only one hen. One very bossy hen.” — Ryan

“So it’s a reality show without the reality?” — Castle
“I like to think of it as hyper-reality. Reality-ish.” — Monroe

“You’re a fan of ‘The Wives of Wall Street’?” — Castle
“Oh yeah, it’s the best show on TV!” — Gates

“Can you at least wait until we’re done filming?” — Monroe

“It’s not like I killed her.” — Penelope
“Excuse me, Ms. Foster. Detective Beckett — NYPD.” — Beckett
“How you doing?” — Penelope
“I’m… fine. But you’re under arrest for the murder of Hannah Green.” — Beckett
“So I guess it is like you killed her.” — Castle
“Are you still rolling? Did you get that?” — Monroe

“Sorry, I had to run home and…” — Ryan
“Do a little cock-a-doodle-do?” — Castle

“Is this your Valentine’s Day gift to me? A complex mystery where nothing makes sense? You know me so well!” — Castle

“This is why I think each of you should watch some ‘Wives of Wall Street’ tonight. For the case.” — Gates

“She’ll have a tough time competing with that! The perils of dating the gift ninja.” — Castle

“I wish I’d had these reality shows in my day. No script, over-acting, screaming at everybody… What a gig!” — Martha

“I can’t feel my butt.” — Castle

“Just one episode? That’s just like eating one potato chip!” — Castle
“I usually just eat one potato chip.” — Beckett

“You’ve got the wrong blazer there…” — Castle
“No I don’t. Let’s go!” — Beckett

“Penelope!?” — Beckett
“And Bob! You two are back together? Spoiler alert!” — Castle

“WHAT?!?” — Gates and Castle

“Mr. Monroe, are you pathologically incapable of telling the truth?” — Beckett
“That depends. What’s this about?” — Monroe

“Why do you and Gates wear such similar blazers?” — Castle

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