castle recap need to know beckett mccord stana katic lisa edelstein abc 'Castle' recap: Worlds collide for Castle and Beckett in 'Need to Know'

What happens on “Castle” when Beckett’s (Stana Katic) new federal job brings her back to New York City and the police? The results are complicated in “Need to Know.” Chicken poop, CIA agents and ’90s teen sitcoms are all involved — obviously.

The case of the week involves the murder of an actor named Charlie Reynolds. Back in the day, Charlie played a nerdy, Screech-like character on a teen sitcom, “2 Cool for School.” Detective Ryan was a really big fan. Alas for Charlie, the actor’s star has fallen somewhat. He is now reduced to an extreme Russian fandom and a “2 Cool for School” reunion movie.

Being impaled on a giant construction-site hook seems to go along with this pretty well.
Castle (Nathan Fillion), upon hearing about this, immediately flees his Pi-filled home and hits the crime scene. He even manages to convince Ryan, Esposito and new detective Sully to let him get involved. A small wrench gets thrown into the works, however, when two federal agents show up to take control.

That would be Agents McCord (Lisa Edelstein) and Beckett. Awkward!

Of course, no one is sharing information. This means that Castle and the boys have to follow clues like chicken poop to figure out why someone would kill Charlie. From the set of his shoddy, Russian-funded movie, the detectives end up at a chicken-processing plant. Only this chicken place is full of illegal weapons.

With the arrival of Beckett and McCord — followed soon after by a CIA agent (who awesomely made a Mario Lopez joke) — the truth begins to come out. Charlie was a spy, recruited by the Agency to infiltrate a Russian crime family. Was his murder the result of international espionage?


The cause of Charlie’s death turned out to be much more prosaic. After the niece of the Russian crime boss, Svetlana, proved to be in love with Charlie and about to run away with the man, it becomes apparent that the former teen star wanted out of the movie.

But with Charlie gone, production would close. This means that one of Charlie’s co-stars, hot jock Ramon Russo, would be out of acting again. When the victim offered his old friend a free apartment sublet, the offer of charity was too much. Ramon snapped and shoved Charlie off the roof and onto the construction hook.

It should have ended there, but the CIA couldn’t allow that. Still wanting a mole inside the Russian mobsters, the spy on the case threatened Svetlana to try to get her cooperation.

Too bad for him that a) Beckett heard the threat and b) Beckett still has morals, despite her new job. One anonymous tip to the news, and Svetlana’s usefulness to the CIA evaporated.

Beckett should have remembered the might of the federal government though. Someone, somewhere figured out that she tipped off the press, thus ruining a CIA operation. Because of this, Beckett is out.

No job with the feds, no job with the police. What will Kate Beckett do next? (Other than shack-up with Castle, of course).

A few of the best lines from “Need to Know”

  • “This is our murder case!” – Gates
    “Not anymore.” – McCord
  • “Why is the murder of a sitcom star a federal case?” – Ryan
  • “Beckett’s a Judas!” – Ryan
  • “‘Hubba hubba’ is not just a catchphrase. It’s the essence of the character!” – Director
  • “You’re not going to Castle me on this one.” – Beckett
  • “Have Mario Lopez here make the call.” – Agent Wright
  • “Even working for the feds, you found the ultimate way to honor the victim.”  – Castle
  • “They know it was you who tipped off the press.” – McCord
  • “I’m here to tell you you’re fired.” – McCord

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