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There are some finales that make your heart skip a beat out of shock. The “Castle” Season 5 finale, “Watershed,” is one of those episodes. After an hour of a relatively straightforward murder case and a whole lot of soul-searching, Castle and Beckett ended the season on the swings.

And Castle proposed to Beckett. So how did that happen?

The important part, aka Caskett

Remember that job offer Beckett (Stana Katic) got at the end of the penultimate Season 5 episode? She goes to an interview for it. And then she gets it.

This is a problem for her relationship with Castle (Nathan Fillion). But as Castle points out, the real issue is that Beckett doesn’t trust or care enough about him to let him in on the planning and deciding. In the ensuing fight, both Castle and Beckett come to question the very foundation of their relationship. Do they have a future? What do they have in their present? Do they truly love each other?

It all comes down to those swings. If you’ll recall, in the Season 4 premiere, Castle and Beckett met to talk after her shooting. Beckett sat out on the swings alone in that season’s finale, just before she rushed into Castle’s arms. The swings are important on “Castle.”

They’re even more important now.

The entire episode leading up to the swing scene pointed in one direction — the break-up of Castle and Beckett. She wants the job in DC, after all. And Castle seems ready to realize that their relationship is not enough.

In fact, that is what he decides. It’s just that his solution isn’t a break-up — it’s a proposal. Yes, the fifth season of “Castle” has ended with a ring and a possible engagement!

But what happens next? Obviously, this is not what Beckett expected. Her fear and shock are the only emotions the audience sees before “Castle” fades to black for the summer. It is definitely not certain that Castle will get a “yes” to his courageous question. There’s even a chance that Castle shouldn’t get a yes at this point.

Whatever the case, it will remain a mystery until the Season 6 premiere in the fall. Enjoy the wait!

All the rest

In addition to rather important business of the relationship between Castle and Beckett, there was actually more story going on throughout this finale. Here are the basics.

The detectives have to solve the murder of a young woman found floating in a rooftop water-container. While her neighbors in the low-rent building all think she must have been a prostitute, it turns out that the girl is actually an honors student at Harvard. She was supposed to be in Europe, not living in squalid conditions.

It’s only when the girl is also revealed to be a computer hacker that the case begins to make a little sense. Her computer records point the police to a law firm, and a lawyer with whom she was in contact. But that lawyer turns up dead (and murdered) as well.

When the only connection between the dead student and the law firm turns out to be an old friend who had interned there — and who then suddenly died in a mysterious car crash — the whole thing turns into a plot John Grisham would be proud of.

In the end, it turns out that a rich client of the firm — a politician, no less — had been driving in that fatal crash. He avoided controversy by calling his lawyer (the one later found dead) to help cover it up. When the main murder victim caught on to the plot, the rich politician sent his shady, black sheep of a half brother to keep her quiet.

Oh, and Alexis (Molly Quinn) wants to go to Guatemala on a study trip in order to avoid thinking about her kidnapping and to avoid her father’s romantic angst.

Quote-type things to amuse you if romance is not your thing

“Toucans are extremely aggressive this time of year!” — Castle to Alexis

“Crystal Sky? That name’s so fake, it sounds like someone out of one of your books!” — Esposito

“What’s going on? Where’s Castle?” — Ryan
“Don’t ask.” — Esposito

“You do not hold back. Except this thing with Katherine.” — Martha

“Is it possible that the reason you have held back is that somewhere, deep down inside, you don’t think this is going to work?” — Martha

“You got the job!” — Deputy Director Freedman

“We’ve been doing this dance for five years. What do we do when the music stops? What if all we were in love with was the dance?” — Beckett

“My last case. I’ve gotta go end it.” — Beckett

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have kept secrets.” — Beckett
“It’s who you are. You don’t let people in.” — Castle

“I’ve decided I want more. We both deserve more.” — Castle
“I agree.” — Beckett
“So whatever happens. Whatever you decide … Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?” — Castle

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