castle season 5 finale watershed stana katic nathan fillion caskett breakup abc 'Castle' Season 5 finale: Are Rick and Kate about to break up?

This is not going to be a happy article for the many Caskett shippers out there. There is a chance — possibly even a good chance — that the happy relationship of Rick and Kate on “Castle” will come to an end in Monday’s Season 5 finale.

This is definitely what the show has been promoting as a possibility. We have seen foreshadowing of Beckett’s (Stana Katic) relationship concerns — and the lack of concern from Castle (Nathan Fillion). There’s that exciting new job possibility that she seems interested in. And every promo video for the finale, “Watershed,” indicates that bad things are going to going to happen.

Molly Quinn (Alexis) recently made those fears even worse during an interview with Zap2It about the finale. “Getting to watch Nathan and Stana do a couple of the scenes, it’s so uncomfortable,” Quinn teased ominously. “It’s so uncomfortable and tension-filled. You kind of want to hide your eyes behind your hands!”

Could Quinn just be referring to a fight or some standard romantic tension? Maybe … But probably not. “It doesn’t look great for the continuation of Caskett,” she added.

Obviously, we’re still in the territory of vague fears, rather than concrete reasons to worry. But how many vague fears can we pile on top of each other before a dark reality emerges?

Our fears will be either eased or validated on Monday, May 13, when “Watershed” airs on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown