castle 621 law and boarder recap abc 'Castle' Season 6, episode 21: Scrabble and skateboards in 'Law and Boarder'

“Castle” had to give its audience a light and fluffy episode before it dove back into Beckett’s mother’s murder. And “Law & Boarder” is just the episode to do it. When Scrabble is taken more seriously than murder, after all, even crime is kind of fun.

He was a sk8r boi

Extreme sports can and do kill lots of people, but that’s not how the life of Logan Moore ends. Instead, the champion skater is gunned down in the middle of the night by someone riding a motor-cross bike and wearing a helmet.

The usual suspects appear rapidly. There’s the sports rival, the guy in charge of the New York Street Sports Festival, the Albanian criminal from Logan’s past, the skater who knows how to break in to a building, and the trust-fund kid who idolizes the athletes. Only one of them can be the killer, and it turns out that Logan’s death is actually the sequel to a murder from six years earlier.

Back in the day, young Logan was just one of several skater kids from bad homes in the Bronx. Then one of his friends, a 12-year-old prodigy named Jay Dixon, was murdered, beaten to death. Although the murder was never solved, Logan knew who did it and was in search of justice.

With the whole thing caught on camera, Logan just needed to steal a tape from a lawyer’s office before the killer could buy it back. But the killer figured out what was going on and ended Logan’s life first.

So who did it? The murderer is the sycophantic rich kid, Ross de Koenig. Known as DK back in his early skater days, Ross lost his temper when little Jay outperformed him. $5 million on Ross’ 21st birthday — that week — was supposed to buy the tape and hide the truth.

That’s not what happened.

Who’s in the wedding party?

A rather fun side-plot throughout “Law & Boarder” has Ryan and Esposito both angling to get the best man job for Castle and Beckett’s wedding. They both think they’re worthy of the honor and try to bribe their buddy with naughty pens, coffee, secret recipes and more.

They shouldn’t have bothered. Castle is actually planning to buck tradition and have Alexis as his best man. Ryan and Esposito are bumped down to groomsmen instead. With Lanie as Beckett’s maid of honor, that’s pretty much the wedding party!

The quixotic hand of Scrabble fate

Like many writers, Castle prides himself on being good at Scrabble. He is, in fact, really good, but winning requires not having an equally good opponent. Like Beckett. She wins two nights in a row — once with the holy grail of Scrabble words, quixotic — and pretty much destroys Castle’s ego in the process.

Fortunately, Castle likes Beckett more than he likes winning and eventually agrees to change the game to strip poker. That’s a game where everyone wins!

Posted by:Laurel Brown