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The “Castle” Season 6 finale did make a strong effort to get to the wedding in “For Better or Worse.” But then Rick Castle got involved in a high-speed chase that left his car burning in a ditch. Was Beckett’s complicated divorce for nothing? Is Castle dead? Is this wedding ever going to happen?

At least there’s a “Castle” Season 7 coming!

Problems … so many problems

With 72 hours to go, Castle and Beckett’s wedding is looking perfect and ready to go. They have a rooftop venue, Beckett’s dress is beautiful, the honeymoon is booked. All that remains is to get that marriage license.

That’s when it all begins to go wrong. This is because, back in her wild college days, Beckett went on a weekend trip to Las Vegas with her then-boyfriend. After a few too many drinks, the idea of a drive-through wedding seemed great.

Someone should have taken pictures, because Beckett didn’t even remember that it happened.

Who is the lucky man? Rogan O’Leary turns out to be a petty criminal who at least has the decency to live within driving distance of New York City. Up in an idyllic, upstate New York town, Rogan is the local bad boy. He has managed to irritate his bar-owner girlfriend, the local sheriff, a stripper, a biker gang, the local pastor and a former gang enforcer hiding from the FBI.

Also, he won’t sign Beckett’s divorce papers until she helps him out.

A kidnapping, some extortion and a lot of threats later, the mobster is in the hands of the bikers (who want the reward money), Rogan is back with his girlfriend, and Beckett is a free woman!

A few other problems

Alas, Beckett needing a divorce isn’t the only issue standing in the way of the fairytale ending of Castle and Beckett’s wedding. The New York wedding venue is destroyed by amateur fire eaters. Ryan’s groomsman tuxedo is way too small. Beckett’s wedding dress falls prey to a water leak.

But all of this is fixable, thanks to the Castle’s Hamptons house, a little work and Beckett’s mother’s dress (which is really quite lovely).

One more problem

Everything is ready to go at the wedding, with Beckett and the rest just waiting for Castle to arrive with the legal documents. Unfortunately, someone in a black car has other ideas and begins harassing Castle, “Duel”-style on the road.

One hour later and no one has heard from him. That’s when Beckett gets the call to come and view the flaming wreckage of what was once her fiance’s car.

Yeah, the wedding might be off for now.

But is it off forever? Is Castle dead? Who was the driver of the murderous car? While it’s probably safe to assume that the titular character isn’t dead yet, the rest of the answers will need to wait until Season 7.

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