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“Castle” Season 6 is heading back in time in its upcoming episode, “That ’70s Show,” and Detective Ryan (Seamus Dever) is right in the middle of the craziness. Zap2it chatted with Dever about the episode and about what’s coming before the Season 6 finale.

Zap2it: What on earth is happening on “Castle” in this episode?
Dever: Something crazy is what I would say. The audience is use to seeing us around the precinct and seeing us in modern clothes. Well, basically we find a cold case and a Jimmy Hoffa-style murder and we have to solve that with some people that are sort of stuck in the ’70s. With one person that is stuck in the ’70s actually. Basically, anything modern sort of spooks him, and so it’s Castle’s idea to immerse the entire precinct in the ’70s in order to extract this information.

Esposito and Ryan dress up like two very well-known cops from the ’70s who are kind of bad-a**. They fully immerse themselves in the characters and even take the guy to a ’70s club … We really embraced it.

How was shooting the episode?
It was so much fun! First of all, hair and makeup take so much longer because it’s one of those things — you’ve got more hair and you’ve got more makeup. Putting the wig on, putting on the mustache, putting on the sideburns, a couple of people working on you at the same time — everyone got to have so much fun, because something happens when we get to do these sort of “escape” episodes. Like the “Blue Butterfly” episode, that ’40s episode we did a few seasons ago, and then the Elvis episode. It’s like all of the sudden the crew’s laughing because they’re used to seeing you a certain way. And they all want pictures.

It’s sort of like Halloween. All the extras are dressed up in ’70s stuff — all our background actors were dressed up in ’70s stuff. It was fun really.

Who got into the theme of the 1970s the most?
Everyone was having a lot of fun. Tamala Jones was looking pretty good — there was one scene where she looked like Cleopatra Jones. She looked great!

The consensus was that Jon and I transformed the most out of everybody. People were, they weren’t recognizing us anymore. You’d be standing next to someone and you’d think that they recognized you, they saw your picture, and you’re like, “They know it’s me, right?” And they’re like, “Oh my God, it’s Seamus!” Everyone got a kick out of it.

Were there any particular challenges?
Here’s a challenge: I used to smoke. I used to be a smoker like 10 years ago. They wrote in my character smoked. So I had these herbal cigarettes, like they do on “Mad Men,” but ABC Standards & Practices won’t let you smoke on screen. So I had to have a cigarette — but near me. When you’re doing stuff as an actor, you know they’re going to cut to close-ups, so I have to keep it in frame. So I have this lit cigarette that I wasn’t allowed to get too close to my mouth, but I had to have it away from my mid-part of my body and keep it in frame. That was a challenge, keeping a lit cigarette and having to smell the smoke, just sort of going up your nose without actually inhaling anything.

Is there anything you can tease about the planned Castle-Beckett wedding?
There’s a fun sort of challenge with episode where Esposito and Ryan are vying to be Castle’s best man, and it’s all this sort of mistaken communication that’s amusing, because Castle doesn’t catch on that we’re competing and doesn’t know why we’re sort of acting like sycophants around him.

And then, Beckett and Castle heading toward the altar and all those problems. And do you think the wedding goes off without a hitch? Come on! It’s “Castle.” So there will be challenges, I’m sure.

What else can we expect for the final episodes of the season?
There’s a return to the general Beckett’s mother’s murder mythology with a really good guest star, my old friend Alex Fernandez, who was on “Killer Women.” We used to work in a bookstore a long time ago. It’s great working with your old friends.

The “Castle” episode, “That ’70s Show” airs Monday, April 21 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown