castle season 6 warren christie saved by the bell nathan fillion stana katic abc 'Castle' Season 6 spoilers: 'Saved by the Bell' parody and 'Alphas' casting

“Castle” Season 6 is still many weeks away, but news of upcoming episodes has begun to leak out. In addition to guest-star Lisa Edelstein (“House”), another guest plus an episode plot — involving “Saved by the Bell”? — have been revealed.

A troublesome reporter?

In episode 2 of the new season, Warren Christie will appear in the role of a reporter named Brad Parker, according to Since Christie’s character is described as being interested in uncovering scandals that might affect national security, does that mean that Beckett (Stana Katic) will be taking that new job in DC after all?

Who knows?

Christie is best known for his starring role as Cameron Hicks in the Syfy show, “Alphas.” Since that program’s cancellation, Hicks has also appeared in guest roles on “Arrow” and “King & Maxwell.”

“Saved by the Bell: The Murder Mystery”?

In an episode airing early in the upcoming season, “Castle” will pay homage to one of the most iconic teen comedies of all time: “Saved by the Bell.” The episode, “Need to Know,” revolves around a movie based on a fictional ’90s sitcom called “2 Cool for School” (as reported by TVLine).

Castle and Beckett get involved when one of the returning actors — the guy behind this show’s “Screech”-like character — gets killed.

A new detective in the Precinct?

The role hasn’t been cast yet, but there will be a new cop showing up at some point early on in the season. A report from TVLine says that a detective named Frank “Sully” Sullivan will show up soon. He is going to be “a guy’s guy” and therefore will fit in well with Ryan and Esposito.

Castle and Beckett? Maybe not as much.

“Castle” Season 6 premieres on Monday, Sept. 23 on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown