castle season 6 wedding poll nathan fillion stana katic abc 'Castle' Season 6: Will Castle and Beckett have their wedding this spring? Vote!

“Castle” Season 6 has been building anticipation for the eventual wedding between Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. But will the two detectives actually tie the knot in the spring?

Let’s look at the reasons why and why not the marriage will begin by the season finale.

Wedding bells are ringing!

With a tentative date perfectly corresponding to the Season 6 finale and no obvious reasons not to marry, why wouldn’t Castle and Beckett tie the knot as planned? These aren’t a couple of wild kids who should give it time — Rick and Kate are a mature, reasonable pair who would totally get married out here in the real world.

We should also keep in mind that nothing (including many near-death moments) has derailed this romance that took four seasons to develop. What could possibly be believable enough an excuse to call off the wedding?

Also, Beckett already has the dress. That’s a huge deal.

Left at the altar …

There’s one big and important reason why the Castle-Beckett wedding might not occur: TV loves to keep lovers hanging when it comes to this all-important moment. It has been relatively smooth sailing for the couple over the past two years, which may just be dramatic build-up for a matrimonial disaster.

Just think about how many television weddings have collapsed at the last second. Can Castle and Beckett hope to do better?

It doesn’t help that the pair have had trouble deciding on anything to do with the actual wedding ceremony. With Castle pulling for a crazy theme wedding and Beckett being casual but more traditional, no firm theme has been established. They can’t create a guest list. There is no venue set yet.

And they haven’t even begun to write vows (as every self-respecting TV character must do).
Castle and Beckett may be doomed.

So will it happen or not? Cast your vote in the poll below and tune in Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC to find out the answer.

Posted by:Laurel Brown