castle season 6 finale crash beckett stana katic abc 'Castle' Season 7 spoilers: Will the premiere stick with the car crash?

When “Castle” Season 7 returns for its premiere episode in the fall of 2014, not much time will have passed since Rick Castle’s car crashed in a fiery fury just before his wedding.

In fact, no time at all might pass between the Season 6 finale and Season 7 premiere.

According to TVLine, there will be no time jump between the seasons. “We feel like, given the way we left off, we have an obligation to start exactly where we ended,” “Castle” executive producer Andrew Marlowe says. “We’ll be picking up in real time.”

“Castle” fans will remember that Rick and Kate fought off a destroyed wedding venue, Beckett’s divorce and just about every other obstacle before their nuptials. Then the whole thing came to a shrieking halt when a mysterious vehicle drove Castle’s car off the road. His fate remains uncertain.

Posted by:Laurel Brown