You’d think that a murder would be sufficient evil for a mystery like “Castle.” In the upcoming episode, “Scared to Death,” however, we get the possibility of evil ghosts haunting their victims to death. Is Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) about to be the next target of these malicious spirits?

All seems basically fine in the first video — you know, other than the corpse. Seriously, that is one freaky dead body. The instant association with “scared to death” works very well. Also, if the victim were not scared of evil spirits of some nature, what’s with all of the supernatural paraphernalia?

As the second video shows, Castle has decided that ghosts are most definitely to blame in the murder of the week.

It may not be ghosts, of course. Plenty of other horror-movie monsters and psycho killers are willing to choose their victims based on recent sexual escapades. Castle might just have the right idea after all.

But probably not. However much Castle thinks that ghosts or haunted DVDs are after him, it’s a safe bet that human killers are behind the murder in this episode. Maybe…

“Scared to Death” airs Monday, March 18 at 10pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown