cat deeley the choice Cat Deeley of 'The Choice': 'You put enough bums in the seat ... something has to stick'Just in case TV needed another show for the lovelorn, FOX’s new offering, “The Choice” features blind auditions, revolving chairs and “Jersey Shore’s” most eligible.
“It’s basically a dating show, a fun, silly entertaining show,” Cat Deeley (who is supplementing her “So You Think You Can Dance” gig with “Choice” hosting duties) tells Zap2it. “Anyone can watch it. The tongue is firmly in cheek.”
Each episode features four celebrities and in the first round of the contest, “the singles walk down and try to get the celebrities’ attention by chatting to them,” Deeley says. “They are trying to form some sort of connection, not based on looks, and get them to turn their chair around and whoever wins goes out on a date that night.”
It’s like “The Voice” but without the singing talent.
Deeley says she feels “like a matchmaker. I think this show holds some promise. It is just a numbers game. You put enough bums in the seats, enough people walk on stage, something has to stick. We meet people in all different ways, whether on the Internet or speed dating. Why shouldn’t this work?”

“The Choice” premieres Thursday, June 7 on FOX.

Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler