behind the mask hulu premiere Catch up with your favorite mascots on the 'Behind the Mask' reunion specialIf you haven’t been keeping up with Hulu’s excellent “Behind the Mask,” now’s your time for a super-satisfying binge watch. The final episode of the docuseries, which follows four mascots (and the men behind them) at various stages in their careers (high school, college, semi-pro, and professional), launched on Tuesday (Dec. 17), along with a 22-minute reunion special. Now you can watch the whole, addictive thing at once and find out where they are now.

The special, hosted by director/creator Josh Greenbaum, brings together Kevin Vanderkolk (the Milwaukee Bucks’ acrobatic Bango), Chad Spencer (minor league hockey’s Tux the Penguin), Jon “Jersey” Goldman (UNLV’s Hey Reb) and Michael Hostetter (Lebanon, Pa., High School’s Rooty the Cedar Tree) for the very first time to discuss their experiences being filmed for a year.

“When you have cameras following you around people start asking questions, you could see people were turning their heads and asking questions about Lebanon in general,” Hostetter says about the benefits of being on the show, which he agreed to do as a way to support his down-on-its-luck town. “I feel like it’s a good way to get a town on the map.”

Things alternate from giggly conversations about getting girls and struggling to clean the sweaty mascot suits to very serious revelations about why they agreed to take part in the show. “I want to get rid of that stigma that you can just put anybody in a costume,” Vanderkolk says. “Hopefully people look at what we put into the job and our passion. There’s a lot that goes into it and I hope people see that.”

Check out the special below to find out where the guys are now, and watch the whole series — it’s definitely worth your time — over at Hulu.

Posted by:Jean Bentley