nev schulman chelsea lately catfish gi 'Catfish's' Nev Schulman informed Chelsea Handler her show was catfished on 'Chelsea Lately'“Catfish” star Nev Schulman appeared on “Chelsea Lately” on Monday (Sept. 30) and, while explaining the concept of his hit MTV reality show to host Chelsea Handler, he revealed that her show was once involved in one of his cases.

Schulman explained that during the show’s pilot, the person he and co-star Max Joseph were investigating had claimed he worked on Handler’s show — something that came as a surprise to the comedienne.

In a clip of the moment, which Schulman brought to show Handler and her audience, he called someone in the “Chelsea Lately” offices to inquire about the episode’s catfish, an R.J. King, who claimed to have done cue cards on the set. The woman on the phone had no record of the guy and admitted that the show hadn’t ever used cue cards.

When the clip ended, Handler deadpanned, “Oh my god, we’re so big time.”

As the interview continued, Handler asked Schulman why people even allow themselves to get duped by these online hucksters. “I think that the heart is a wild and unpredictable creature,” he replied.

“Oh, is it?” Handler teased, to big laughter.

Schulman continued, seriously, “People are addicted to mystery. They like not knowing. It keeps their imagination running wild.”

Are you surprised that “Chelsea Lately” was involved in a “Catfish” mystery?

Posted by:Billy Nilles