cbs broken leg replay kevin ware CBS halts Kevin Ware broken leg replay   do you think outlets handled it correctly?By now, you have surely heard about Kevin Ware‘s horrendous leg injury during the Louisville-Duke Elite Eight game Sunday evening (March 31). The good news is his surgery was reportedly successful and he is up and around on crutches at the hospital.

But the hot topic of discussion the day after is how the media handled covering such a gruesome injury that happened during a live sports broadcast.

CBS chose to show the replay twice, from two different angles, and then that was it. They did not show it again. ESPN, the 24-hour sports network that airs highlights after games they don’t carry are concluded, chose not to replay the footage — which surprised a lot of people.

There are reports of some local news affiliates showing the replay, and numerous sites posted video of the injury online, this site included.

The one site really drawing ire is Yahoo, which put a GIF into the article and then featured it prominently on its homepage. GIFs are autoplays, whereas videos have to be clicked to begin playing, is the argument posited by Awful Announcing as the difference between embedding a video and embedding a GIF.

However, some viewers were offended CBS even showed the replay at all.

“CBS Should Not Have Replayed Kevin Ware’s Leg Shattering. Not Even Once” — Esquire Culture Blog

“There was no need for CBS to show the replay on Kevin Ware’s leg snapping like a twig once, let alone twice.” — Matt Sugam, college basketball writer for SNY.

What do you think, readers?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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