hawaii five 0 alex olaughlin scott caan 320 CBS talks 'Hawaii Five 0,' 'CSI' moves: Live from the TCA press tourCBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler meets the press for the first session of the Television Critics Association press tour. We’re live-blogging, so stay tuned.

8:33 a.m. PT: Tassler says since she’s going first, she’ll “try to behave,” then praises all of her broadcast colleagues for the past season and the raft of Emmy nominations for the likes of “Glee,” “Modern Family” and her own “The Good Wife.”

8:35: She notes the diversity of source material for shows this year: a remake (“Hawaii Five-0”), a comedy based on a Twitter feed (“$#*! My Dad Says”) and a drama that was originally pitched as a reality show (“The Defenders”).

8:36: Re: “CSI” shows moving: Strong development and the fact that “Miami” and “NY” are still solid players meant the time was right to move them.

8:37: Tassler says the “Hawaii Five-0” remake is “respectful” of the old show but had to be reimagined for the audience that’s going to watch it today. She calls it a “great, hip, fun character show.” The “story engines” from the old show are part of the DNA of the new, she adds.

8:39: On Steve McPherson’s departure from ABC: “I thought, ‘Dammit, he got out of doing press tour.'”

8:40: First baiting question of the tour, only 10 minutes in: “Was it a lucky year, or have you guys finally figured out how to make an occasional hit?” Tassler parries successfully.

8:42: Tassler is asked about getting a failing grade from GLAAD for representation of gay characters and says that the network will introduce more gay characters on “The Good Wife,” “$#*! My Dad Says” and other shows over the course of the season.

8:45: Is “Hawaii Five-0” too violent? It’s a 10 p.m. show, and the series will conform to the usual standards, she says.

8:51: A critic wonders if David Letterman might want to cut back his schedule to three or four nights a week. Any discussions on that? “No.”

8:53: Tassler says Charlie Sheen’s personal issues won’t have any effect on production or delivery of “Two and a Half Men” this season.

8:54: In re: “Feces My Dad Says,” Tassler says she hasn’t had any pushback from advertisers over the title, and she expects most of the pilot to be reshot now that Jonathan Sadowski has been recast in the role of William Shatner’s son.

8:56: Moving “The Big Bang Theory” was “a great opportunity” to open Thursday nights and shake things up. Tassler doesn’t expect the ratings to be quite what they were on Mondays this year, but they think they should still be strong.

8:58: Someone asks about Julie Chen — wife of CBS CEO Les Moonves — now being on three CBS shows with the addition of the network’s new daytime talk show. Tassler says Sara Gilbert, who produces the show in addition to being one of its hosts, brought the idea of having Chen on to her, and Moonves wasn’t involved in the decision.

9:00: The expectations for “Blue Bloods” on Fridays? “We’ve always done scripted on Friday night,” Tassler says. “It’s important for us to have successful shows.” It also creates a nice flow for the night, she says.

So that’s that. Not a ton of news, but the day is young.

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