celebrity apprentice meat loaf gary busey out 320 'Celebrity Apprentice': Donald Trump puts Meat Loaf out of his misery

The men may be able to breathe easier now on “Celebrity Apprentice” as their biggest liability has been fired.
Before we get to the elimination, let’s do a quick recap of events. The teams were challenged to do a cooking segment promoting Omaha Steaks (they don’t just sell steaks? You learn something new every day).
The men’s team’s scourge, actor/crazy cakes Gary Busey, took lead on this task after his narrow escape from elimination in the last episode. Model Hope Dworaczyk took the project manager job for the women as she is the only who hasn’t done so, yet.
Surprisingly, there wasn’t any fallout from NeNe Leakes’ “Casper The Friendly Ghost” attack on La Toya Jackson in the last episode. Star Jones did rub Hope the wrong way and wound NeNe up by taking the early lead on the task as she normally does. Hope seemed most annoyed by La Toya’s inability to adapt quickly when they changed her dish and called her the “weakest link.” NeNe and Marlee Matlin were also unhappy about Hope sending them on runs around town when they hadn’t been able to rehearse their cooking segments yet and Star spent all day on the graphics and printed materials.

celebrity apprentice meat loaf gary busey out 2 320 'Celebrity Apprentice': Donald Trump puts Meat Loaf out of his misery

Over at Backbone, the men were having bigger problems in the form of PM Gary. Most of all, they felt he had problems with setting a timeline and delegating duties. For example, he chose Meat Loaf to cook without even finding out that he didn’t know how to cook while John Rich and Lil’ John consider themselves avid home chefs. Also, Lil’ John felt annoyed that for most of the task Gary had failed to assign him a task. And when he did, it fell into the area of “arts and crafts,” as an annoyed Lil’ John referred to it.
In the final task, Meat Loaf faked his way through the cooking segments and actually impressed the Omaha Steaks executives, but Gary narrated in these crazy tangents, which had the crowd wondering when he’d finish and what the heck his point was. The women won pretty much by default as the execs had problems with their presentation lacking actual cooking and with the fact that they referred to the brand as “Omaha” instead of “Omaha Steaks.” But, really, was there any way the guys could have taken this one?

In the boardroom, the men collectively pointed the finger at Gary’s lack of general focus and ability to communicate effectively (see how nice we put that?). And Meat Loaf was pretty much rendered speechless from his dramatic level of frustration with Gary. Sensing there was no way this team could be effective with Gary around and in order to put Meat Loaf out of his misery, Donald Trump fired Gary.
Gary went off babbling in the car about the team’s alliance against him and their inability to see his talents.
What’s your take on Gary? Is he an idiot or an idiot savant?
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