celebrity apprentice finale marlee matlin john rich 'Celebrity Apprentice' finale: Marlee Matlin or John Rich for the win? Vote!

We have to say that there have been a lot of surprises this season on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” But when it comes to the two finalists, we aren’t shocked at all.
Both country singer John Rich and actress Marlee Matlin are very similar in demeanor. When it came to drama, they stayed above it. When they were project managers, they assigned their teammates’ tasks according to their strengths and in some cases gave them enough rope to hang themselves. Both come into the finals with very little blood on their hands as they let others fight it out for them.
If we had to choose one over the other, we’d go with John. He rarely, if ever, lost control of his team. Even when he wasn’t project manager, they looked to him for guidance. Months before the cameras started rolling, he was already calling his contacts, planning how they’d arrive in New York City to deliver their checks, and created a secret alliance with longtime friend and fellow cast member, Lil Jon.
Marlee, on the other hand, raised the most money in “Celebrity Apprentice” history. She obviously did some major reaching out, as well, before the production started. At times, we felt her allegiance to Star Jones was too blind, though, and we didn’t appreciate how she discounted La Toya Jackson’s skills very early on. She also tends to lose control of the more colorful characters on her team (most recently Meat Loaf), letting them lead her down the wrong path.
So, our choice for the win is John Rich. You may disagree.

“The Celebrity Apprentice” Season 4 finale airs Sunday, May 22 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.
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Posted by:Jethro Nededog