donald trump getty 'Celebrity Apprentice': 'The show will go on in [Donald Trump's] absence'There has been much speculation as of late about Donald Trump running for president. Will he actually throw his hat in the ring? Time will tell, but NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt says that “The Celebrity Apprentice” will go on with or without Trump, even if he is a big draw

“The truth of the matter is that that show is a big success for us and a lot of it is due to [Trump],” says Greenblatt. “He’s an entertaining, smart, direct-shooter kind of guy and he’s great on the show … There’s nothing but increasing ratings on that show. We couldn’t be happier about that. There may be headaches down the road, but at the moment, we’re feeling pretty good about it.”

“If he decides to run for president and is unavailable to do the show, we will bring the show back and there will be someone else sitting at the head of the boardroom table,” Greenblatt continues. “Who that is, we aren’t even entertaining because I’m still hoping we’ll have Donald back in the next season … [but] the show will go on in his absence.”

When pressed as to who could take over Trump’s signature firings, Greenblatt says it would have to be a big personality.

“Honestly, I don’t know. If we had to address the issue of who it would be replacing him, we’d have to just feel really confident that we had another galvanized presence. I’m hopeful we don’t have to go there, but if we do, it’s too strong a franchise for us not to consider that,” says Greenblatt.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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