jeremy piven birthday ari gold entourage hbo Happy birthday, Jeremy Piven: Watch 'Entourage's' best Ari Gold moments

Though he’s a trained theater actor and current star of “Mr. Selfridge” on PBS, there’s no doubting the role Jeremy Piven will always be remembered for is Ari Gold on “Entourage.” The vulgar, often mean, Hollywood agent always had a one liner that would cut to just about anyone’s core.
Piven is celebrating a birthday Saturday (July 26), and with the 10th anniversary of “Entourage” just passing, it seems right to celebrate him with some of Ari’s most scathing meltdowns, insults and flat-out fights.
As with anything Ari-related, all of these videos are filled with foul language, so consider yourself warned.
Ari putting Josh Weinstein in his place

Ari realizing he lost his job and taking a stand

Ari’s epic showdown with Adam Davies

Ari gets his revenge on Adam Davies with a paintball gun

Ari goes on a James Cameron-fueled rampage

Ari meets with the five families

Ari and Terrance finally agree on something

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