It’s New Year’s resolution time and maybe you’re looking at your stacks of things and wondering, “Am I a hoarder?” Well, don’t feel so bad. There was a time when celebrity interior designer and talk show host, Nate Berkus, also wondered if he had crossed the line into hoarding. After all, Berkus believes our possessions play an important part in our lives.
“We all say things don’t mean anything,” Berkus, 39, tells Zap2it while hanging in his cozy green room for “The Nate Berkus Show.” “It’s a lie. They do. Our things tell the story of who we are and where we’re going in life and where we’ve come from.”
That doesn’t mean that Berkus hasn’t wondered if his obsession with collecting furnishings, antiques and decorations has gone too far. So, he asked Geralin Thomas, a professional organizer on A&E’s pack rat show, “Hoarders,” how one knows if their collecting has crossed the line.
“Here’s the difference between a collector, which I consider myself, and a hoarder,” he tells us. “A collector has no shame involved. It doesn’t keep you from having people over. It doesn’t impede on anything in your life. In fact, it enhances it, because it’s so fun to keep looking for the collection.”

In contrast, Berkus says, “A hoarder is somebody, obviously, who psychologically there’s something going on, but it takes over their life. So, that is the distinction.”
So, honesty time, Zappers: Are you a collector or a hoarder?

Posted by:Jethro Nededog