victoria jackson gi 'Celebrity Wife Swap' with Victoria Jackson? ABC orders episodes, casting underwayIn an apparent bid to antagonize us with even more D-list celebs (which, per “Dancing with the Stars” ratings, we love), ABC reportedly ordered six episodes of “Celebrity Wife Swap.” The idea is to take an already successful show — “Wife Swap” — and add a touch of stardust.

What kind of stardust? According to, Victoria Jackson (who recently called a gay kiss on “Glee” “sickening”) has been approached. Questions: Given the opportunity to swap, would her husband take her back? And how will this work? Will stars swap spouses with other stars or could Jackson potentially end up in a Jacksonville, Fla. trailer park?

Who would you cast in “Celebrity Wife Swap?” Our dream team: Lisa Rinna, Tori Spelling, Heidi Montag and Zsa Zsa Gabor. (Hey, where does it say the participants need to be ambulatory?)

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson