chad johnson homeless man porkchop Chad Johnson adopts homeless man 'PorkChop' for the weekendA homeless man named “Porkchop” (real name Robert) fell into some luck this past weekend in Miami, when he was befriended by former NFL player Chad Johnson.

Johnson chronicled the weekend on Twitter:

  • Homeless dude asked for a beer, I bought him a case of a 24 n a pack of Newports, we balling together f*** it…
  • Gave dude a G-shock watch I had in the car so he can tell time, we’re listening to Frankie Beverly n Maze on my iPhone living it up.
  • That episode The Kardashians took the homeless guy and cleaned him up? Can I do the same and take this guy out tonight or that’s a bad idea?
  • Spent my whole day with Robert “PorkChop” he doesn’t know his last name, at Urban Outfitters, taking him to club Dream for an hour or so.
  • I never go to clubs but tonight is worth it with “PorkChop” in V.I.P popping whatever the hell he drinks…
  • Night with PorkChop is winding down… Fun times for 48 hours straight…
  • I’m using all the resources available to help the best way i can RT @Hunter_Shields: @ochocinco do you have a long term plan for Porkchop?

The picture below is the before-and-after shot from Urban Outfitters. Looks like a good time was had by all — and it’s cool that Johnson says he’s using resources to help the guy out.

before after porkchop chad johnson Chad Johnson adopts homeless man 'PorkChop' for the weekend

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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