chad ochocinco johnson gi Chad Ochocinco to change name again; returns to banalityOchocinco jerseys are about to get significantly more valuable.

In a Jan. 25th phone-in with Troy Wingo on ESPN’s “NFL Live,” Chad Ochocinco dropped an unexpected announcement on viewers.

“Look, I’m wearing stripes next year. I’m excited, I’m ready to go,” he says. “I’m not sure who is going to be at the helm at quarterback, and that’s it. That’s all I can say. Oh, and I’m changing my name back to Johnson.”

“I don’t have a choice right now,” he explains. “I’ve done enough with the Ocho thing. It was fun.”

Sure sounds like good old fashioned fun. Maybe we’ll head over to the DMV for a little name change party, ourselves. But probably not… That just seems like too much work.

Johnson/Ochocinco legally changed his name back in 2008, in order to wear his nickname on the back of his No. 85 Bengals jersey.

So, when he says he doesn’t “have a choice,” is that code for Evelyn Lozada being unwilling to take on his monicker when they wed? More importantly, what does this mean for “The T.Ocho Show?”

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci