channing tatum baby jenn dewan every tatum fb pic Channing Tatum gushes over witnessing daughter Everly's birthChanning Tatum wasn’t one of those dads who had to wait outside the delivery room while his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, was giving birth to their first daughter, Everly. Would we expect anything less from Magic Mike?

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter to promote “White House Down,” Tatum gushed about witnessing little Everly’s entrance to the world. “I was there for the whole thing,” he says. “That was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced in my life.”

The new dad, who’s been in England with his new family while shooting the new Wachowski siblings’ sci-fi epic “Jupiter Ascending,” admits that he’s been adjusting to fatherhood a little easier than other non-actor new dads. “I am sleeping a little, probably a little more than most,” Tatum says. “A lot of people who have a baby probably don’t have as much rest as I do. We have [a nanny] helping us manage all the risks of having a newborn.”

Tatum also recently opened up as to why he released the first photo of Everly on his Facebook page on his very first Father’s Day. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, he said, “We didn’t want to go through a tabloid — we just wanted to let it out so
paparazzi would stop trying to hound us. You know, here it is, that’s
it. Now, let us be.”

It looks like Chan’s got this parenting thing down pat.

Posted by:Billy Nilles