charles barkley gay players gi Charles Barkley had gay players on his NBA teams: 'It's no big deal'

When NBA player Jason Collins came out as gay in an editorial he wrote for Sports Illustrated, he became the first openly homosexual professional athlete in American team sports.
Though Collins is the only active player to come out, retired NBA player Charles Barkley says there are others. In fact, when asked on the Dan Patrick radio show, Barkley says he’s played on teams with gay teammates. Charles says everyone in the NBA has played with a gay player at some point and that it’s “not a big deal.”
“First of all, I think it’s an insult to gay people to think they’re trying to pick up on their teammates,” Barkley says, “but everybody’s played with a gay teammate.” Barkley says the issue is discussed privately, and he had three or four teammates throughout his career who were gay.
“It’s none of our business,” Barkley says of people’s sexuality,” I know we live in a nosy society, but I wish the kid the best.” Sir Charles went on to reference something former baseball player Curt Schilling said. “The night before Jason Collins came out, I never thought in my life who Jason Collins went to bed with,” Barkley says, “And when I went to bed after Jason Collins came out, I didn’t care who he went to bed with either.”

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