charlie sheen fired cbs 320 Charlie Sheen fired: So what happens to 'Two and a Half Men' now?Charlie Sheen has been acting like a guy who wants to get fired from his job for a couple weeks now. He got his wish Monday, when Warner Bros. TV fired him from “Two and a Half Men.”

Sheen called his sacking “very good news,” because now he can go about suing the studio for breach of contract — the deal he signed last year was good through the 2011-12 season, but with his firing he’s out something like $50 million in salary for the episodes left on the table this season and a full season next year.

Warner Bros. hasn’t decided the future of “Two and a Half Men” yet — the studio’s statement Monday said only that Sheen is no longer in the picture. But it could go one of several ways.

Cancel the show. That seems unlikely, considering that for all of Sheen’s issues (which Warner Bros. and CBS had mostly shrugged at until recently), “Men” is still the most-watched comedy on TV and the No. 2 sitcom in the key adults 18-49 demographic (behind ABC’s “Modern Family”), and it’s an asset CBS probably wants to protect. And even if you were to assume that every single one of Sheen’s 2 million-plus Twitter followers is a die-hard “Men” fan, and that every single one of them would desert the show without him — neither of which is likely — it would still draw a pretty healthy audience.

Continue with another actor. There’s been a lot of speculation (some of it here on Zap2it) about possibly recasting Sheen’s role, and it seems like a pretty likely scenario. John Stamos? Someone else? We’ll probably hear a lot about this option in the weeks to come.

Continue, but without any new faces. Based on the comments we’ve seen from “Two and a Half Men” fans in the past few weeks, it’s an option more than a few people wouldn’t mind seeing. Sheen is at the top of the call sheet (and the pay scale), but in Jon Cryer, Angus T. Jones, Conchata Ferrell, Holland Taylor, Marin Hinkle and the various recurring players, the show has a pretty strong ensemble. We’ve heard more than one fan suggest making Ryan Stiles a regular as Herb; it’s not a bad idea.

With Sheen gone, what would you like to see happen to “Two and a Half Men”?

Posted by:Rick Porter